A Start with WordPress App

Been a while since my last post. What an unproductive blogger I am indeed. But hopefuly it’ll  change since I’ve got this wordpress app on my phone *grin*
Hello wordpress!

As a start, I wanna write a lil about what has bumped into me this past week.

I fall in love at the first bite with Ootoya’s tofu salad. My taste bud got a chance to try it at Ootoya Kemang Village. It’s really delicious. The tofu is so soft and easily melt once it finds its way in my mouth. The mix between anchovies and seaweed sheet give off a savory taste. Unlike Sushi Tei’s tofu salad, the dressing used in Ootoya’s is broken-white paste. Unfortunately, I can’t yet identify the dressing ingredients.

The yummy tofu salad

Another thing going on with apps. But this time is Google Chrome’s apps, Band of The Day, which I’ve got on my office pc recently. Like its name suggests, it features a new musician each day. For Sep 17, the turn goes to American Authors, a 4-membered band from Brooklyn, USA. Of all the songs featured, I like ‘Believer’ the most for its catchy tunes and anthem- like reffrain. I can almost hum the reffrain all day.

A screen cap of the app

Other artist whom I pay attention is Yuna, a Malaysian singer who happens to be a hijaber. She is on the trending band. Her songs sound ‘less crowded’ than any songs I’ve been listening so far. I sense honesty when I hear it, I dunno why. They are perfect as daydreaming soundtracks 🙂

I enter a saving mode now to pay the bills and to plan another goaway. Wish me luck!


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