XIA Junsu in Jakarta: His Own Music, His Own Performance


Hardship is seen as challenge and opportunity for people with creative mind. It turns a person into someone better by utilizing his own recognized strength or by exploring his untouchable potential. When I saw Xia Junsu Concert in Jakarta on June 16, 2012, I knew Kim Junsu was one of these kinds.

I will not go over again what hardship he has been enduring. It is part of his life history that has taken him to become what he is now.

I was lucky to be among 2,500+ audiences to witness the transformation of Junsu’s image from a cute boy into a grown-up man. He surely had optimized all the qualities he had been well-known for – the voice, dance and composing skill – into the next level to present the music and performance that were more of him. I got to see bolder and sexier sides of him during the whole show.

I must say that his Tarrantallegra album visual concept is unexpected; offering powerful, more sensual and androgynous style. And he brought up this style on the stage successfully. Costume wise, his blue suit with spiky shoulder pads and walking stick when he sang ‘Breath’, white long coat, body-fitted leather clothes during his musical numbers and sleeveless shirt matched with gold pants backed this up.  I also saw hint of influence from his musicals in his bolder eye make-up. And his blue-dyed spiky hair – a courtesy of being in Indonesia for the first time – complemented the visual well.

As a solo performer, his dance was just as amazing as his in JYJ. I could feel the passion and discipline in his dancing, like in ‘Breath’, ‘Tarantallegra’ and ‘Fever’. He was also confident to show his sensual side and thus stirred the heart of the audience, especially female ones, when he posed, acted and danced with three sexy female dancers in ‘Lullaby’. I’d be more than happy to replace that one female dancer who acted sexy with him in the beginning of the song (fangirl alert :P).  It reminded me of something I had read somewhere on the net that fans said Junsu was likely to show this side, if possible, by the fact that he wrote ‘Intoxication‘.

But the sexiness was more than met the eyes. It lied in his ability to give the right emotion to a song and to transfer it to the audience. It was this attitude that won over many fans’ heart. When he sang three songs of his musicals (Elisabeth and Mozart), he kind of re-created the atmosphere of the musicals. He did it wonderfully with good acting and stage control. I felt I was in one. That was my moment of awe during the show. He sang all the songs live and his voice remained clear to hear even though he danced, too. I was sure everyone loving his ballads songs were so immensely entertained by his powerful and pleasant voice.

The stage was simple but equipped with good quality backgrounds during the show and fireworks. A video clip showed Junsu’s hard work to prepare for the concert and the cities where he had his first solo concert. The choosing of ‘I Can Soar’ as the background song for this clip was kind of self-explanatory. He was meant to do what he had been doing because he was capable and was willing to do it. And it was time he showed it to the world.

But Junsu didn’t want us to forget the nice Junsu. A so-called ‘angel’ he had been known for so long who acted cheerfully and cute. He fulfilled three wishes from the audience. So we got to see his cute signature aegyo (I couldn’t believe he still wanted to do this), his sexy dance (again) and ‘bambaya’ word out of his mouth.

I think he managed in his attempt to bring out his own music and performance last night. It was like a statement that differed him from his previous works. Of course, it was impossible if he didn’t take a risk to go through all those hurdles back then. I’m looking forward to see more achievement he will make in the future. Junsu, fighting!


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