STOS Time Is Back!

I find this old article in my folder and think it’ll be nice to post it in this blog. I still feel the excitement when rereading it.

STOS time was back! On 9-10 April 2011, some of STOS volunteers and veterans met at Shinju Apartment, Cilandak. Fortunately, I could join them. We talked about the finalization of STOS 2010 report, the next program for STOS 2012 and who was in charge of each program as well as the institutionalization of STOS.

For each agenda, we were divided into small groups to discuss different aspect of it. Then we presented the discussion result, got commented and then drew a conclusion. Nice and efficient way to address many things.

On STOS 2010 report discussion, among other things, the issue of institutionalization came up from all groups. We would have liked to have a clear idea of what STOS was as an institution. Sounded serious for a film festival? You bet! But this was an important thing because it ensured the sustainability of STOS as a film festival, especially funding wise. The idea to have a consortium composed of all recent pioneering organizations was proposed in the discussion. It would supervise a Festival Board who would act as the acting agent to run STOS. This perspective was given by Dimas who had shared about the struggling condition of most film festivals in Indonesia in terms of finance.

Talking about the program for STOS 2012 was always exciting. Exploration of ideas was the key. Some previous programs were continued and some new program would be in place. The discussion was heated at times. Like in my group, when we talked about the award for noncompetition film. But wasn’t it the great part of brainstorming? ^^….. After all the talkings, we decided to do a road show, comic panel competition and fotonovela competition as pre-festival activities. On the D-day of festival, there would be film screening (of course!) and exhibition. The details of these would be discussed later.

When it comes to person in charge, we were asked by Mbak Mai, as discussion moderator, to put our name on the activity we wanted to take part. This was kinda different from the last time when the volunteers’ role was rather chosen by the main organizing committee. This way, I hoped we would remain consistent in doing the task. I, myself, was a bit confused to choose between Road show and Competition. But finally, I jotted down my name on Road show because I wasn’t so sure to have enough time for other activities. Elita and Wina (they were so lively :)) joined me in the team! In the end, the STOS 2012 event coordinator who would lead all teams until the D-day was elected……and it was Boy!

To me personally, being able to take part in the discussion was like a spark in my almost routine life. I got so excited! I also could meet friends whom I felt comfy with as well as get to know new friends.  But the most important thing was taking part in this film festival was my way to do something for Mother Earth.

I had a good feeling this festival would be successful in reaching its vision. Finger crossed!

*STOS (South to South) is a biennially film festival which showcases environmental, social and political issues at national and global level. More info can be found here.


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